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May 18, 2013
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Sasha Mariano by JamesMuthfuknBristol Sasha Mariano by JamesMuthfuknBristol

Composed by Storm-X/Josh Ford
OC Belongs to JamesMuthfuknBristol

Basic Facts-

Age: 17
Full Name: Mariano, Sasha L.
Nicknames: Spot, Fatso
Species: Eublepharis macularius/Saraxia (Leopard Gecko)
Birthdate: July 26
Birth Place: Tirari Desert, Saraxia
Current Place: Emerald Thunder, the Caribbean 

Father(Biological): Gerard Leo(Deceased)
Mother(Biological): Corana Leo(Deceased)
Mother(Adoptive): Sarah Mariano(Deceased)

Physical Features-

Scale Color: Yellow/Black/Silver
Hair Color: Blond with Black spots
Eye Color: Brown
Size: 5’6”
Weight: Varies on tail size, exact weight unknown.
Body Type: Muscular, yet chubby around the thighs and belly, tail grows when eating.
Blood Type: AB+




- High Strength
- Expert Burrower
- IQ of 98
- Speed, Strength and Reflexes heightened via Solar Energy
- Well versed with LMG’s
- Skilled hand-to-hand combat
- Tail can be used as a bludgeoning weapon


Orientation: Unknown (hasn’t explored yet.)
Turn On’s: The Sun, Muscles
Turn Off’s: Racists, Bullies, bossy people.


Traits: Is very childish, sensitive, but very playful and a little insecure. Has anger issues.

Overview: She likes being a Bullet Ranger, she focuses on her job and does it well, when she is adamant, she will stick to it. She also has anger issues that can result in injury of others. Has a sort of childish immaturity which also results in her insecurity because of her fears and the possibility that the BR will abandon her when she's in trouble. She can also be very stubborn when someone attempts to give her swim lessons, except for Tom Corzac. She is also very sensitive, and break down easily if hurt or gets forced to enter water without Tom's presence and supervision. She can also be playful and innocent in terms of behavior.

Goals: To learn how to swim and not drown. To gain the approval of James. To be Tom's girlfriend.


Likes: Being dry, the sun, being a Bullet Ranger, burrowing, Tom, Tiffany, James, Rico.
Dislikes: Water, the weight of her tail, playing sports with lots of rules, being wet, Being called fat, video games, Emily, Jakob, Natroska, racism, when she falls in water, being called a crybaby, being tricked and cheated, somebody else is her swim teacher instead of Tom.
Favorite Food: Roast Chicken, steak, and sometimes corn
Favorite Drink: Warm water, warm cranberry juice
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Music: Nature, country


Bullet Ranger gunner

Known Languages-


Misc. Info-

Driver’s License: Not yet.
Attire: Blue/Silver Striped Hoodie, Dark red tank top, silver fingerless gloves, Brown belt with pouches, black pants with a brown stripe, Gray Shoes with pink socks.
Swimsuit: Red One piece

People of Interest-

Tom- Is her boyfriend who bonded with her as a "big brother" type of figure who played video games and toys with her, and often gave her dinosaur plushies as gifts. Tom also does his best to protect her from harm and teach her how to swim and overcome her fear of water.

James- James leads the Bullet Rangers, though he may give bizarre orders, they are straight and to the point, fitting Sasha’s personality well. James also treats her as a father figure of sorts. He often did his best to give certain accommodations to Sasha's training.  

Tiffany- Both are Lizards, Sasha a Leopard Gecko, Tiffany an Iguana, so the two share the same likes/dislikes, though Tiffany can swim. Tiffany is also a "big sister" figure for Sasha, as she helped Sasha with her fears and insecurity, and played with her along with training her. She is also Sasha's training instructor in both swimming and combat training.

Susan- She reminds Sasha a lot of her deceased foster mother Sarah, and she helps Sasha with her social and emotional problems.

Hannah- Is one of her best friends, as they socialize and play with each other along with Allison.


Aquaphobia: Fear of water, she does not know how to swim and a near drowning incident scarred her.

Claustrophobia: Afraid of confined spaces.

Hypothermia: Due to her natural physiology, cold environments make Sasha tired and lethargic, to the point of death if in a subzero environment.

Immaturity: Has a basic understanding of emotions and jumps to conclusions. Also impulsive for action. She is also very insecure and can cry or scream if her fears get the best of her without the love and support from Tom to calm her. She is also very childish with the mental age of seven, and can be very impulsive when it comes to combat. She is also fragile and sensitive, as she couldn't take mental or physical pain without breaking down in tears.

Temper: She is very short tempered, and can get berserk if Tom or her friends get hurt, and can get a temper tantrum if she loses in a game.


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Suomipoika11 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
New Sasha looks quite young when compared to old .
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Yeah, I really wanted to bring out more of her personality and mental age.
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